How much lead time do you need?

We usually book at least 1 week in advance. Book Out and About with enough notice to ensure we are available to shoot your video production. Call Tyler Butler at (941)780-3878 to talk about your video production!

How much time does each video shoot take?

Out and About videos can take from 1 - 2 hours to shoot depending on the event, business or occasion.

How long will my video be?

Most Out and About videos are about 10 minutes long after production. However, we can discuss other options to customize your video marketing package.

Restaurants - What to prepare?

In order to get the most out of your Out and About video dining experience; Restaurants need to showcase at least 2 - 3 appetizers and 4 - 5 main courses as well as 2 desserts. Any specialty drinks should also be considered.

Events & Red Carpet - What to expect?

Out and About brings Hollywood to you. Our backdrops, velvet ropes and red carpet along with our video production equipment and lights accompany our host Tyler Butler and an array of guest hosts befitting your theme. We shower your guests with the red carpet treatment as we interview them, showcase your event and highlight key sponsors.

Where can I find my video?

Out and About publishes your video to our YouTube channel where you can easily download and load to your sites or share to your social media pages. We also post videos to our Facebook page and other social platforms so be sure to give us a click and a follow!

Do you offer other marketing services?

Out and About partners with the best of the best local vendors and contractors. Whether you need an event planner, web designer, photographer, social media coordinator, public relations manager or fashion stylist.... Ask us!